Worship at Fellowship


After one recent worship, one person declared, “We did not JUST sing a song!” In other words, we worshiped. I would suppose that is the goal of every Fellowship worship experience—that each person find a way to connect to God in the moment, and in the moment, have their mind, heart, soul and conscience washed clean of all of life’s sin, guilt, shame, distraction and grime for having been in the presence of the Almighty. Because in the end, everyone will worship or value something, the question is who or what will they worship? God or something less than God, which in the end, is idolatry—worshiping something not God…not perfect, holy, divine etc.

Authentic, heart-felt worship is so very crucial to a child of God’s Spiritual growth and maturity, because in the end, worship is a statement or reflection of one’s relationship not only with his or her Creator, but one’s fellow creatures as well.

Worship satisfies a thirsty soul’s longing for the Divine, while at the same time renewing and healing an oft-times confused and discouraged heart and mind.

In fact, the meaning of worship is to attribute value or worth, and since God is the ultimate standard of all value and worth, when his creatures love or value Him and His Truth they are realigning their lives and thoughts with the Truth. Those truths include the universal constants that our Creator triune Godhead–the Father, Son and Spirit—is self-existent, infinite, all-knowing, all-powerful, ever-present and perfect in all He is and does, including his love, mercy, compassion, truth, justice, righteousness and holiness.

And the means by which we realign our lives and thoughts with his are many, including the use of music, song, scripture, the Psalms, confession and testimony all for the purpose of directing of our attention, thoughts, emotions and actions in heartfelt praise, petition and thanksgiving to our Creator and Redeemer.

We celebrate communion every two months…