Women's Ministry

Women’s Ministry

Women Growing in Faith

Scripture, no doubt, tells of the faith, courage, service, love and critical role many women played in the Kingdom of God. Fellowship feels that role is critical as well. From the active deaconess ministry, support staff, prayer, bible study, teaching in the learning center or youth, working on the grounds or in the kitchen, mentoring the younger women or helping those in need, you can plainly see  the love and service of women’s faith at Fellowship is wide spread and growing deeper each day.

Women in Spiritual Community

Along with the more serious side, we don’t forget the need women have for community and intimate relationships. Yes, we like to have fun along the way so we schedule those invaluable times to play along side each other for game nights, tacos and testimonies, meals of all shapes and sizes together and just plain ole’ good times to laugh and sometimes cry together.