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Fellowship at Cross Creek

Fellowship's Environment for Spiritual Growth

If the New Testament church’s biblical purpose or function is to create a biblical, Spiritual environment that best encourages Christ-like Spiritual rebirth, growth and maturity, what then does that Spiritual environment look like or consist of?  What Spiritual environment is best for producing Christ-like Spiritual rebirth, growth and maturity?


If the church as a whole, or its individual members are to be Spiritually reborn, grow, mature and function together in a manner approaching the stature belonging to fullness of Christ (Eph. 4:13), then four biblical, timeless and ongoing essentials or "Ships," so to speak, are required. They are:

1) the Worship of God;

2) Discipleship in his Truth (the Word of God) and

3) the Stewardship of one’s Spiritual gifts and abilities for the strengthening of the Fellowship (or Spiritual oneness) of Christ’s body,

4) despite all of life’s many struggles and Hardships.


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