Teaching and Discipleship at Fellowship


Interestingly, there is no Hebrew word for teaching; only the word “lamed” or “to learn” and its grammatical tense can be changed “to cause the student to learn.” For without “learning,” there is no “teaching.”

So how does “causing another to learn” affect our biblical teaching/discipleship goals? Plenty. When we do teach or “cause to learn,” no price is too steep to pay. It is our mission. And we will do whatever it takes for you, the biblical student, to know just what the Scriptures or their original biblical authors are saying or intending in their original context to their original readers.

In fact, at Fellowship, the teaching is more like a classroom than a church service. Our goal is not only to explain, and reveal God’s Word in its original contextual meaning, but to also get you, the student, to open up, ask questions and interact. Then we begin to build or construct tools to apply or relate the theological core and essence of Scripture’s truths to our daily lives.You will find we use all kinds of teaching tools available to us  to accomplish the task, including the use of Keynote or Power Point presentations, a marker board, word pictures, various props, discussion, illustrations, question and answer time, handouts, the Internet, special guest, speakers, testimonies etc…. all for the purpose of effectively passing on Scripture’s divine wisdom, insight and truth. Additionally, you will find even more ways we foster learning by visiting our Bible Study Methods page where you can learn a step-by-step method of studying the Scriptures yourself that is so universally simple anyone can do it, as well as a vast array of some of the Bible studies Pastor Joe has written, sharing his own life applications. There are additional resources at Joe’s blog: ImperfectPastor.com

We believe  it’s not just about hearing a good message and after a day or two not being able to recall what was heard or enjoyed, but rather, being empowered with credibly explained Scriptural truths and tools by which to more effectively and biblically manage one’s life choices and decisions, including decisions concerning one’s family, work, leisure, purpose, ministry and relationships.

At Fellowship, we encourage you to be authentic in your Christian walk—no more or no less than who you really are, much like our children on their journey to adulthood, and always learning, with the Spirit’s help, to take the next one more step to Christ-like maturity or perfection.  

So come seeking to learn in an engaging manner and be changed or different for having been thoughtfully taught as opposed to another “feel good” message, put to sleep or merely preached at.

May you find these audio, video and print studies effective and engaging tools for your own Spiritual growth journey.

“I love the interactive teaching style. I never stop learning and I know I can trust that the truth’s are based on solid Biblical foundation.”

Darby Dougherty

“You don’t get to have Jesus without the body of Christ.”

“Biblical Fathers and Mothers of the faith are real people in real time with real struggles, just like us.”

Mike Justice

“I sacrifice because I have been sacrificed for.”

“Not just saved from something but saved for something.”

“Christianity has to be bigger or transcend whatever situation you are in.”

Joseph M Cross

The following are short clips are from the full length Sunday morning teaching audios. For the full length version send a request through our contact page.

Below are YouTube videos of Worship time, Teaching time, and Learning Center lessons for kids.

Below are YouTube videos of Worship time, Teaching time, and Learning Center lessons for kids.

KNOW that I AM God! 2 Kings

KNOW that I AM God! 2 Kings

Be Still and KNOW that I AM God! Hezekiah’s Deliverance: 2 Kings 18-19 By creating a unique blend of dramatic scripture reading and the authentic musical confession of hymns, songs and Spiritual songs, Fellowship graciously invites you, the worshiper, to join with us...

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You Can’t Fake Love Psalm 23

You Can’t Fake Love Psalm 23

Psalm 23 Because You Can't Fake Love III If the church truly wants to create flocks of sheep that crave the presence of God then it must learn to shepherd or pastor as God Shepherds or pastors by not only loving people with the basics such as basic daily needs, but...

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Fear of the Unknown Ps 46

Fear of the Unknown Ps 46

Psalm 46 Fear of the Unknown I & II    What are you afraid of and what is the big deal about fear? I would venture to say it is the "unknown" we most fear. If we are to truly address our fears, we must address the unknows that cause our fears with a...

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Below is our resource library of Sunday Morning Teachings/Studies as well as BSM Lessons (Bible study lessons created for our kid’s Learning Center) from Sr Pastor, Joe Cross. Teachings and Lessons are in convenient PDF formats you can read online or feel free to print a copy for your own study.

Topical Teachings

Passage Teachings

Theology Studies

Teaching on Anxiousness

Teaching on Being Called

Teaching on Boldness

Teaching on Celebration

Teaching on Conflict

Teaching on Counseling

Teaching on David and Absalom

Teaching on Elijah Worship

Teaching on Foundations

Teaching on Holy

Teaching on Homosexuality

Teaching on Image of God

Teaching on ‘But Not Of’ (John)

Teaching on on ‘In Christ’

Teaching on Josiah

Teaching on Lost Sheep

Teaching on New Testament Boundaries

Teaching on Oaths

Teaching on Relationships

Teaching on Samuel-Kings

Teaching on Servanthood

Teaching on Spiritual Decision Making

Teaching on Stiff-Necked

Teaching on Trials

Teaching on Un-Met Expectations

Teaching on Unity

Teaching on When God is Not Just

Theology of Brokenness

Theology of Compassion

Theology of Discipline

Theology of Grace

Theology of Hamartia

Theology of Heart and Soul.

Theology of Intimacy

Theology of Joy

Theology of Light

Theology of Reconciliation

Theology of Repentance

Theology of Sabbath

Theology of Sin