Teaching and Discipleship at Fellowship


There is no Hebrew word for teaching; only the word to learn, whose tense can be changed to mean to cause to learn. At Fellowship our goal is to cause the learner to learnnot only what the Word of God means in its original context, but then how to apply that truth to one’s daily life.  In fact, if you the learner have not learned, then we have not taught.  And in order to accomplish that mission, no price is to little to pay, including the use of Keynote or Power Point presentations, marker boards, word pictures, props, discussion, question and answer, humor, handouts, the Internet, special guest speakers, testimonies etc.  In fact, at Fellowship, the teaching is more like a classroom than church service.  

The goal at Fellowship is to explain, open up, reveal God’s Word in its original contextual meaning, then begin to build or construct tools to apply or relate the theological core or essence of Scripture’ truths to our daily lives. In others words, it’s not just about hearing a good message, but after a day or two not being able to recall what or heard or enjoyed, but rather, being empowered with credibly-explained Scriptural truths and tools by which to more effectively and biblically manage one’s life choices and decisions, including decisions concerning one’s family, work, leisure, purpose, ministry and relationships.

To achieve this goal, no reasonable teaching tool is too great to accomplish the task, including the use of Keynote or Power Point presentations, a marker board, word pictures, various props, discussion, illustrations, question and answer, handouts, the Internet, special guest speakers, testimonies etc….all for the purpose of effectively passing on Scripture’s divine wisdom, insight and truth. Fellowship is not a sermon. It’s a classroom. Come seeking to learn, do it in an engaging manner and be changed or different for having been thoughtfully taught as opposed to put to sleep or merely preached at.

“I love the interactive teaching style. I never stop learning and I know I can trust that the truth’s are based on solid Biblical foundation.”

Darby Dougherty

Mike Justice

“We don’t need to fear, but we do need to live up to the ‘Better’ that we have been given in Christ.”

The following are clips from the full length Sunday morning teachings. For the full length version email fellowshipatcc@gmail.com