Our Values

Fellowship’s 7 Distinctives


  1. To be a church where ministry forms follow Spiritual function first and foremost, and therefore, not tradition or form-driven first and Spiritual function second. In other words, we strive to have a Spiritual purpose in everything we seek to do and say  2 Cor 13:8.
  2. To be passionately committed to both the Spirit of God and his inspired truth or Words, the Scriptures or Spiritual words Eph 5:17ff.
  3. To see every believer grow in Christ-like, Spiritual maturity Rom 12:1-2
  4. To be both real & relevant, & neither boring nor hypocritical 1 Cor 5:8.
  5. To be graciously hospitable to our guests. Rom 12:13.
  6. To be deeply committed to each other Rom 12:3-8.
  7. To resolve our differences in a Christ-like manner  Col 3:12-15.