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“When I worship at Fellowship and hear others worshipping with me, I feel like I am in the middle of heaven standing with angels who are worshipping at the feet of the Father.”

Jennifer Dougherty

Why Does Fellowship Seem a Little Different Than Other Churches?


In late 1985, a recent Dallas Seminary grad from Arkansas accepted an offer to pastor a small church meeting in a Chinese restaurant, just across the railroad tracks near the Taneycomo Lake waterfront in downtown Branson.

His dream: to seek to become a church in which church or ministry forms followed their function and not the other way around. In other words, instead of being ritual or tradition-driven church become a church that understood it’s biblical purpose, that is, first, seek to create a biblical environment for Christlike Spiritual growth and maturity, and then design or innovate ministry forms that better seek to accomplish that purpose.  

33 years later, nothing has changed and everything has changed. Nothing has changed in that the goal is still the same–seek to create a biblical environment that encourages Christlike Spiritual growth, and yet within biblical boundaries, Fellowship at Cross Creek continues to think, pray, evaluate, ponder and innovate how to accomplish this one simple purpose or function, so in that sense, Fellowship continues to change, morph and become. Our invitation: come be a part of our journey…our story… and help us learn together.