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Fellowship at Cross Creek

Fellowship's Theological Foundations...

Fellowship’s theological foundation is one of historic orthodox Protestant Christianity. 

What are Fellowship's core theological beliefs? 


Historical, Biblical Christian Orthodoxy...

  • We hold to the Triune Godhead, one God existing in three Persons: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 
  • We hold to the divine, inerrant inspiration of God's Words within its original texts.
  • We hold that a person is made positionally righteous, is totally forgiven from all sin and Spiritually reborn through God's grace, solely by faith or trust in the Son of God's sin-atoning death and bodily resurrection. 
  • We hold that a person personally grows and matures as one discovers within the Body of Christ the Spirit's life-changing truth and power.

These are Fellowship's tree trunk core, biblical-derived values. For a more detailed exploration of each of these biblical or theological values and others, go to the Fellowship's Eat at Joe's Blog links and find the specific link.  


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