Join us On-Line Sunday 10:30am 

This week we are on line only. No on-site services until further notice, bu you can join us on our YouTube Channel. Just search “Fellowship at Cross Creek” on YouTube. It will also be posted on our Facebook page.

Or if you are a part of the Fellowship FB chat group at

Last Week’s Email from Pastor Joe 


Dear Fellowship Family,

We are facing some potentially very serious and critical moments for our community, and therefore, we want Fellowship’s prayerful and Spiritually measured response to match up to these critical moments…
In light of this goal…

We are still on to meet this morning, but I want to emphasize if anyone has any concerns about getting out or being at Fellowship this morning, please stay home…Your prayers and support are deeply coveted…

Those that do choose to gather, with some social distancing built into our seating, perhaps in the round, after a time of reflective-prayerful worship that seeks to match up to the moment, we will be discussing and building as a body, an initial action plan as to how we as a body intend to both initially and appropriately respond and adjust to this crisis…and that means whatever…how do we stay in touch with each other, meet any special needs that need to be met…including prayer…inspiration, encouragement, accountability, communication and support etc. And a plan that can communicational flex to meet any unforeseen needs as they develop.
LC will still be available.
Our goal is to not take this physical assault lying down. As the writer of Hebrews encouraged his or her readers during some incredibly dark times, so we will seek to do the same. So if you can be there, fine; if not, fine. Whoever is there, we will build an initial Spiritual action plan for this crisis and then communicate that to the body. 
Father, today, we groan, as the Children or Israel groaned…as early NT Christians groaned with your Spirit. Help us; guide us; inspire us to not be or remain victims of the Evil One’s intimidating destruction or fear, but rather prayerful overcomers in the name of your Son, Jesus (I AM SAVES). Amen.
On behalf of the elders, 
your servant,