As many of you know, Jack Halley is Fellowship’s faithful point person for both the Options Crisis Pregnancy Center here in Branson and the annual Life Chain prayer time for the preborn which occurs during the first Sunday of October every year.  But, what many of you don’t know is Jack’s amazing why? Or why Jack cannot NOT do these ministries. This past Sunday I interviewed Jack before the Body and helped to reveal his riveting Why? It’s a story that every person on the planet needs to hear or read. It’s Jack very painful story, and before you think you know what he is about to say, forget it. You will never guess it, and that is why you need to either listen to Jack’s story here on the Fellowship website or read it in his own words. Bottom line: Jack’s story, which he did not reveal for over forty years, is a game-changer with respect to the Pro-Choice, Pro-Life Debate, as well as, for everyone that has either been affected by or been touched by the abortion of an unborn child, experienced the loss of a child, especially a preborn one or helped to deliver the life of a child. Both Jack and I know that some might NOT want to hear Jack’s amazing story or believe it, but one thing no one can argue is it is Jack’s story, believe it or not, accept it or not, reject it or not. And Jack has agreed to accept come-what-may from all-comers… for the sake of His Lord, for the sake of the preborn and for the sake of anyone that has even remotely been affected by an abortion. This story… this love story is for you. May God use this long-hidden story for his glory and purposes. Amen.

On behalf of my friend and brother,
Your servant,
Pastor Joe