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Fellowship at Cross Creek

Fellowship's Difference...


Just as They Do in All of Life, Forms Should Follow Function, Even for the Church...

Why Does Fellowship Seem a Little Different from Other Churches?  Simple: the universal truth: “Form Follows Function.”

What?! What does “Form Following Function” got to do with being a church?

Everything! One doesn't drink coffee out of a bathtub, or take a bath in a coffee cup. One doesn’t use a dustpan to sweep dust onto a broom. One doesn't use a nail to pound a hammer into two pieces of wood in order to bind the two pieces of wood together. One drinks coffee out of a coffee cup. One takes a bath in a bathtub. One uses a broom to sweep dust onto a dustpan. One uses a hammer to pound a nail into two blocks of wood to bind them together. Typically in life, forms are designed, or take a particular shape, for a particular purpose or function.

While these examples may seem ridiculously obvious, ponder how even with respect to something as simple as footwear “form still follows function.”

Who wants to run or play sports in high heels? Or trudge miles in the snow in your slippers? Or swim with fishing waders on? Or fight fires while wearing swimming fins (now that would be a funny sight)? No way!

All the above are simply forms that were designed or created with a specific function in mind. Everything or every form in life has a specific purpose or function. The same is true of the form referred to in Scripture as the churchThe church is a form, just like a hammer, a nail, a broom, a coffee cup and a bath tub are all forms, each created for a specific purpose or function in mind. Therefore, since the church is a form like everything else is a form, the question naturally arises: what is the  church’s purpose or function? In the mind of God, what was the church originally designed to accomplish and why is this function so critical to God's plan?

Since the universal law of “Form Follows Function" applies to everything in the universe, including the church, and since understanding the church’s purpose or function might just enlighten or heighten my church experience.

For if God did create the church and for a specific purpose and the purpose the Scriptures will seem to espouse, then when it is done well, might not the church change us as well? Might not a biblically-directed, well-purposed church just be the godly vessel, tool or form that man has been searching for to have a meaningful and well-lived life—a life that honors and pleases our Creator and Redeemer.


For more on Fellowship’s purpose see our “Fellowship’s Purpose: Spiritual Growth” page and “Fellowship’s Approach to Creating Spiritual Growth” 


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